Rachel Robison is a producer and composer for video games, film, and other media, based in Utah. She is also a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Rachel has participated in musical theatre, choirs, bands, orchestras from a very young age and doesn’t plan on stopping! 

She studied media music and music recording technology at Salt Lake Community College, graduating with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Music Recording Technology in 2019. At home, she’s part of Utah Game Audio (a local community for game audio professionals). Rachel has made it her mission to be involved in her communities. In doing so, she has developed a knack for networking and a passion of sharing the importance of making connections. In 2017, she was 1 of 5 selected for the Game Audio Network Guild’s Scholar Program and attended GDC for the first time. (You can read about her experience here.) She continues to stay involved within the organization: serving as an Advisory Board member, formerly Co-Chair on the Game Audio Network Guild Scholar Alumni team, and is credited on the production team for the 19th Annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards Show (she also co-hosted the show with composer Cody Matthew Johnson).

Not long after, Robison joined the team at Emperia Sound and Music as a producer and is thrilled about the opportunity!

Her credits include short films (Uninvited, Nothing Stares Back), video games (Trek to Yomi, Rhythm Riot), a commercial (TigerLight D.A.D.) and plenty of podcasts – both as a composer and as a guest (composer: Segment City, Final Boy Status, The Lettuce Inn, Movies That Make Us; guest: Artifice, Post Mortem Media Review, The Video Game Composer Podcast, Behind the Cine)! She was part of the Create Loud Podcast for three years as Co-Creator, Co-Host, and Production Manager/Editor until its retirement in 2021 (reach out if you are in need of a podcast editor!She has enjoyed participating in tons of recording sessions, both behind the mic and behind the mixing board (choir vocals for a track in TesseracT’s album Sonder is just one example!) and can’t wait for the day when it’s safe to gather with amazing friends and musicians again.

In October 2021, she released her debut single, Ramblin’ (featured in SLUG Magazine’s “Local Music Singles Roundup” in March 2022

In addition to music performance and production, she enjoys public speaking opportunities to talk about topics she is passionate about. She put together a panel for GameSoundCon in 2020 and 2021 titled, “Always Rising: Resilience Through Doubt, Drought, and Burnout” and has spoken at Salt Lake Gaming Con and PAX East!

Volunteering is something that is very important to Rachel. She has volunteered over the years for various events, including Salt Lake Gaming Con, FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention, and the Game Developer’s Conference (Conference Associate Program). Rachel ventured into the musical theatre world as a Stage Manager in Summer 2021 and looks forward to the next challenge. She has also been on the Board of the Directors for Pushing Ahead since 2018.